Werner Herzog--one of the best and weirdest directors around--is a guest on Late Night with Conan O'Brien tonight, along with Adam Sandler (whose contributions to cinema are nearly as valuable), and Jewel (who is, apparently, still alive).

A habit formed in college, I still find myself watching Conan just about every night, usually tuning right when he starts at 12:35, ignoring his monologue, sticking around for the first sketch, and then, depending on who the guests are, staying on or bailing. Tonight's show should be pretty good: Whether it's because he's tapping into whatever long-forgotten stuff that made him funny back when he was on SNL, Sandler's usually pretty solid whenever he's on Late Night, but, of course, the real highlight will be if Jewel sings "Pieces of Me" Werner, who not only has the second best voice/accent of any director (first place goes to Guillermo del Toro), but is also all rambly and brilliant and crazy and hilarious and insightful. One of the reasons I love the dude's documentaries so much more than I like his narratives is because of his unique, striking presence in them, be it as a director, narrator, and/or participant. In his documentaries, Herzog is always charming and smart, but depending on what he's talking about, he can be goofy and clever OR totally serious and existentially mopey (see above image) OR both at the same time. Seeing him on a late night talk show--not to mention one where he'll be reacting to Conan's shtick--should be sufficiently rad.

The trailer for Herzog's latest, the great Encounters at the End of the World, is below.