News has reached me today that the "Friendliest store in town," New Seasons Market, will be opening a new location on Hawthorne. They will be taking over the lot previously occupied by the beloved Daily Grind. This is particularly good news for those of you on Hawthorne who've had to travel all the way to Clinton Street to pick up your nutritional yeast.


The plan is to demolish the old Daily Grind building and build a new two story "green" structure with approximately 14,000 square feet available for goods and sundries.The new store will be similar in size to the Sellwood store, pictured above. The company plans on a series of talks with neighborhood residents to find out what will best suit their needs before going into the design process. The hope is that the new store will be open some time next year. Read the full press release.

It seems odd that when so many stores are feeling the pain of an iffy economy, New Seasons continues to grow and thrive. It may be that they have tapped into something vital with small neighborhood stores. Or it could be their various store policies, like accepting returned goods, no questions asked, a liberal stance on grazing while shopping and their complete openness to community input. Not to mention their support of local products, their commitment to green practices... etc.

They might be a bit more pricey, but I'd rather shop at a New Seasons than Safeway, any day.

In your face Safeway!