New Seasons has just signed a lease on upper Hawthorne—where the Daily Grind used to be. From an email sent out to staffers:

We still have lots of details to work out but here’s what we know so far--

The actual address is 4026 SE Hawthorne. It’s on the south side of Hawthorne and takes up the block between 40th and 41st. It’s close enough to the action to be really fun, but east of 39th so it’s not totally crazy. We expect that we’ll be taking down the old structure that’s there now and will be putting up a new two story, green building, that will be approximately 14,000 square feet. That means the store will be about the same size as Sellwood--just the perfect fit for the Hawthorne neighborhood.

We’re going to schedule some community meetings with our new neighbors to brainstorm with them about what type of features they’d like to see in the store. Once we’re done with that we’ll get going on the actual design process.

Depending on how everything goes, we figure we’ll be opening for business sometime next year. We’ll definitely keep you updated as we get closer.

It's going to be a pretty small store—perhaps indicating that New Seasons is moving away from building big megastores (relatively speaking) like the one in Happy Valley, and toward smaller, neighborhood-based stores? In which case, I want one in Buckman, please.