Because sometimes, your intern goes to Miami.

1.SPIKE LEE SHOULD SHUT HIS FACE!!! Clint Eastwood takes a swipe at Spike Lee for accusing his film, Flags of The Fathers, of not including black troops. "Has he ever studied history?" Eastwood asks. Bitch-slapping contest!

2.CLIMBING THE NEW YORK TIMES BUILDING!!! French Climber Alain Robert climbed the 52-story office tower in Midtown Manhattan yesterday, followed by a nutter who just thought it might be a good idea. Go, nutter! You're amazing!

Hours later, a second man ascended the building - a stunt that drew the attention of thousands of onlookers. TV cameras captured both dramas in real time. Crowds on the street pressed against police barricades to watch, and people clapped and cheered for the climber while snapping pictures on their cell phones.
I'd have loved to have been there. Sadly the cameras only caught the "legitimate" hero:

3."I just don't want you settling down with some fucking wanker from a modeling agency!!!" MTV is fined $500,000 by the European Broadcasting regulator for regularly airing foul language during family friendly hours. Sadly, nobody can be fined for running documentaries about Jodie Marsh, from whose mouth the opening quote emanated.

4.ZIMBABWEAN DEMOCRACY!!! Robert Mugabe orders the police to shut down election rallies for the opposition party. Amnesty International has a shit fit. Mugabe shrugs, "who, me?"

5.RUDY FERNANDEZ!!! Will play for the Blazers next season...

Good day.