Here's the latest from the Mercury Rose Parade Camp-Out on Broadway:


However, we have been providing a lot of useful information to passersby, such as:
1) Where's a good restaurant around here?
2) What time is it?
3) When does the parade start tonight?
4) Are you guys really going to start a fire?
5) Are you seriously camping out here?
6) Will you hold a spot for us if we pay you?

But the best part of the night so far? Zoe's Memorial Duct Tape Ball!


Zoe walked the entire parade route cleaning up duct tape last year with the Mercury Civic Cleanup Crew, and constructed the above ball—which she kept in her basement all year! Ohh, the memories! Ohh, the nostalgia! Ohh… THE SMELL. Come on out and gaze upon its majesty! (And remember: the 4-Square Tournament starts at 10 pm!)

We're at the corner of Alder and Broadway in front of Portland Coffee House!