I just interviewed seven members of the 555 bike club, who got into Portland today, after having ridden from Knoxville with the following rules: 1.Bikes need to be pre-1975, 2.Bikes need to be under 500ccs, 3.Bikes need to cost less than $500.

Also, it all had to be on back roads. No freeways. The idea came because a couple of the bike riders wanted to visit their brother here in Portland, but one of them only had a 450cc honda bike to travel on. So: "Instead of leaving him in the dust, we all decided to get together and ride slow bikes." There'll be a story in the paper soon, but in the mean time, they really are an inspirational bunch of people.

"When you go off the freeways, it's amazing some of the people you meet," said 555er Mike Fairman, who's a carpenter back in Knoxville, and now has to figure out how to get back there. "Honestly, it's like the bikes knew where to break down. We met some of the kindest, most good-hearted people who were willing to help us out."
555 CLUB: Rode cross country, 170 miles a day, all on back roads...

Here's a video of them farting their way across country. They're having a party at Beulahland tonight. You should probably go.