Answer: Sometimes. So, a pissed-off voicemail and email late last night from burlesque performer Sahara Dunes, who is mentioned by your lordship in this week's Pride guide for her main stage performance:

(Main Stage) Sahara Dunes describes herself as a "burlesque performer," which means queer stripper, with more feathers and less clothes taken off than the girls at Sassy's. Dunes generally removes elaborate, Southern-style outfits to the likes of Shirley Bassey, Eartha Kitt, and Amy Winehouse, right down to a pair of nipple tassels. But fear not: She's crowd friendly, rather than wince inducing, unless you happen to be remarkably prudish. MD
Dunes called with this to say:
"Be sure I'll be sending you an email as well. You wrote a little blurb about me in the Portland Mercury, and seeing as I'm pretty sure you've never seen me perform, your description of burlesque as being a queer stripper is completely wrong. So I would love to speak with you and educate you and see if you've ever seen what burlesque is. Be a man and call me.
I'm not rising to this supposed proof of manhood conversation. At least, not until we've had a good old fashioned flame war on the internet and blown it all out of proportion. Which, Sahara, I suggest might be your intention. Well, good on you, because I admire self-promoters. Just not at my expense. I called your act "queer stripping," but with more feathers, after watching several videos of you taking your clothes off on your website. You're right that I've never seen your act in person, but I don't need any "education" to reach a subjective opinion, based on this, I'm sorry, based on these:
DUNES: Queer stripper/Burlesque performer. You choose.

Your turn. And yes, I do have all day for this. Also, coming off my meds was definitely the right decision. I am now 100% sure of it.