If you like your humor dark and biting, with a glorious side helping of Jeff Daniel's beard, this is the movie for you. Written and directed by Noah Baumbach, who helped Wes Anderson with The Life Aquatic, it's a glimpse of an intellectual New York family collapsing on itself as the parents try to extricate themselves from their suffocating marriage. It's one of those movies that's either a harrowing drama or a really nasty comedy--or both--depending on your mood. Film editor Erik Henriksen says it's "an insightful, affecting, and darkly funny film that's rooted in the simple recounting, with no judgments and no clichés, of a family falling apart." It's screening as part of the Broadway Metroplex's Independent Revival Series, a really cool series of some of the best movies of the past few years. I went to last week's screening of Annie Hall, and the hosts were goofy and welcoming, with a genuine enthusiasm for movies. There's a raffle, too. Read the Mercury's original review of The Squid and the Whale here.

Broadway Metroplex, 1000 SW Broadway, 7:30 pm, $5