Remember that event we used to have every month with the Bus Project? I think it was called Debate Club.


It's been reborn! Meet Brewhaha, our new, shinier, funner, faster-paced, variety-show style monthly forum on the weighty topics of our day.

This month, we're kicking global warming's ass, with an hour-long program that'll cram in a pub quiz, a policy 101 that'll explain what you can do to impact climate change in Oregon, a guide to the most fashionable ways to live more sustainably, and a very exciting presentation on some of the City of Portland's biggest ideas for combating global warming (those ideas are so big, I can't even mention them on this blog). We'll have special guests from 1000 Friends of Oregon, and a special appearance by enviro-smarty pants Jules Kopel-Bailey, candidate for the Oregon House. (If he can't explain the difference between a carbon tax and a cap and trade system, no one can.)

That's all going down next Wednesday evening at edge of belmont, at 33rd and SE Morrison, 7 pm, all ages—and it's free! (And through the magic of edge of belmont, it's both all ages and there's drinking.)