Comedian George Carlin died.

Hillary Clinton puts on a forced smile and gets ready to join Barack Obama on the campaign trail this Friday.

The Supreme Court won't be hearing an appeal by two environmental groups, who'd hoped to challenge the Department of Homeland Security over the environmental laws they've waived to build a fence on the Arizona-Mexico border.

New York City is the most exciting place on the planet: "A dump truck coming off the Manhattan Bridge Monday morning jumped a curb in Chinatown and crashed into a bus, killing one pedestrian and injuring several others, cops said... The truck mounted the curb near Bowery and Canal St., ran over a fire hydrant and slammed into the back of a Fung Wah bus loading passengers for a trip to Boston." It's like in the movies! Except someone really died.

A ferry caught in a typhoon in the Philippines capsizes, and more than 800 passengers and crew are missing.

For some reason, the "pro-life congressional candidate Mike Erickson paid for my abortion" woman—who surfaced, anonymously, in the last weeks of the primary in May—is talking, again. This time to the Oregonian.

Headline of the day: "Crime writer, suspected of murder, found dead"