I received an e-mail today from a Mercury reader who was curious to know if there is place in town that serves a “Luther” burger.

Subject: Foodie Question

Hoping one of your food writers/editors can help me…I am wondering if ANY place in/around Portland sells the doughnut burger, better known as the “Luther Burger” in some parts of the country. It seems strange and wonderful enough that someone in this fabulous food time would make/serve this.

Thanks so much!

Now, I’d never heard of a Luther burger before, but a quick search into blog archives revealed our admirable arts editor, Alison, had blogged about this amazing food item when it was introduced at a St. Louis minor league baseball park.

Here’s the skinny on this fatty fatty burger: It’s a bacon cheeseburger, the twist being that the buns are replaced by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.


No shit.

It’s called the Luther because it is allegedly the brainchild of singer Luther Vandross. Wow.

I did a search and could not find any adventurous Portland restaurants that will admit to making this culinary abomination. Sure, VooDoo Doughnut has the bacon topped maple bar, but it’s a far cry from a bacon cheeseburger stuffed between to glazed rounds.

So, Blogtownies, be on the look-out for the Luther. Let me know if it pops up anywhere. For some reason I foresee a beautiful combination of VooDoo and Pine State Biscuits. This could be the beginning of my demise.