This morning, a coworker of mine who is due in mid-August was lamenting how hard it is for her to shop for maternity clothes. So far she's had pretty good luck taking advantage of the current market for babydoll or empire-waisted tops and dresses. She can just buy the large and call it good. Now that it's in the final stretch, though, it's getting to be more of a challenge. Especially since it's for such a temporary time in her life and she doesn't want to spend a lot of money. Nolita has designer maternity jeans, which ain't cheap, but might be worth the investment if she wore them a ton, but other than that I realized I don't really have an answer for her. I, uh, haven't ever had to think about it, but honestly I think if I were her, especially since it's summer, would buy up all the muumuus I could find at the thrift store, hack off the bottoms, and rock mini muumuus till it was all over. But in the interest of doing some surveying on her behalf, does anyone have any other style tips for the last trimester?!

Something like this, except less drunk.