First thing's first and I know we're harping on it a lot—but if you haven't read this post and the ensuing comments, you are denying yourself the biggest bellylaugh you're likely to get all week. Go there now… I'll wait till you get back.

WASN'T THAT AWESOME?!? Okay, here's something else that's great, too. Who remembers Showbiz Pizza? If you went there as a kid, you'll certainly remember the Rock-afire Explosion—the super creepy animatronic animal band that could be programmed to play a myriad of crappy kid's songs. Well, now there's a bunch of collectors out there who purchased these robots, set them up in their basement and then programmed them to sing current songs. AND HERE'S THE BEST ONE I'VE SEEN YET!

Ladies and gentlemen, The Rock-afire Explosion presents Usher's "Love in this Club."