Attention all indie rockers with lots of paid vacation days:
Why go to Hawaii on vacation? Their local bands suck.
Instead, why not come to Portland?

That's more or less the concept behind the Travel Portland (a non-profit tourism board paid for by hotel taxes that encourages Portland travel) "Portland Rocks" offer. This tourism package has hotel discounts (at the Ace or Jupiter, definitely not at the Unicorn Inn on 82nd) and includes an "exclusive Stumptown Rock compilation CD and MP3 album download."

The CD (titled Stumptown Rock, Vol. 1) was curated by Dave Allen and features the likes of Blitzen Trapper, Another Cynthia, Au, Loch Lomond, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Panther, and more. Since we live here, and don't stay in hotels, we don't have a copy of it. Damn tourists.

This idea—that our indie music culture is now a viable selling point for tourism—is pretty appealing, just so long no indie rockers from Germany come here. If they do, it's on. Jets versus Sharks style, right in the middle of East Burnside.

I will so stab a Kraut outside Bombshell Vintage.

End Hits: The only music blog that can't go one goddamn day without threatening to stab someone.