Downtown store Petersons, which is threatened with eviction, has started a SAVE PETERSONS website, featuring all the reasons why the store should stay, all the reasons why Brooks Brothers and the City are in league with the devil, and, yes, thank the lord, store photos:

The website also shows what you can do to stop the eviction happening. KOIN 6 ran a full report on the story last night, asking why Peterson's is being singled out for eviction, although it didn't mention BROOKS BROTHERS by name. Because, you know, they probably advertise. But you can read our original blog here, and our paper copy here.

On a personal note: As a resident of downtown Portland who owns a condo two blocks from the Peterson's store, I cannot stress how important the place is to my sense of downtown being a livable, attractive neighborhood. Its clientele are varied, sure, but they all add to my sense of downtown's vibrancy. If I wanted to live in Disneyland, I'd have bought a condo in a shopping mall.