Here's a little inside scoop about what it's like to work at the Mercury!

Today started off with a little editors meeting, where we talked about our Fourth of July issue and lauughed and lauughed. I don't want give too many spoilers here, but you can expect patriotism, ass-kicking food, and an all American salute to explosions. This issue is not intended for pussies or crybabies.

Next, we went outside, where a chemistry professor was lighting shit on fire in our parking lot. We lauuughed and lauuughed.

Then, Terry Lynn Link, the creator of Tails of Abbygail showed up to say hello and bring us some posters! I got the one of Champ! She was very nice. As she was leaving she told me, "You guys are actually pretty cool down here, and you can quote me on that." She then hopped on her custom motorcycle, laid down some rubber in a cloud of smoke and blazed off.


Next a bunch of us went to get ice cream for a review I'm writing, where I realized, "Hey, I'm getting paid to eat ice cream!" I lauuughed and lauuughed.

To top it off, we're all going down to the mall this afternoon to get glamour shots! And we'll lauuugh and lauuugh.

You are sooooo jealous. You know you are.