Each Wednesday The Mercury brings you one hot Portland bicycle and a mini-interview with its equally salacious rider. This all-organic, locally-grown beauty showed up in my garden a few days ago.

This Week: The Watermelon Bike

Rider: Angela Previdelli
Bike: Fixed gear with chlorophyll green Miata frame, Masi saddle, clipless peddles and Deep V bubblegum pink rims
Spotted: In my garden





Pink rims, huh?
I got those at Velo shop when they helped me put this bike together last summer. It was going to be an all green bike, but then I went for the watermelon look.

Is riding the watermelon bike as good as eating watermelon?
Yeah yeah, it’s a tasty treat. It’s a flashy ride.

How do people react to it? Do they ever try to lick it?
Not consume it, perhaps touch it. And yeah, I get hollered at. It has been dubbed The Watermelon Bike by people I don’t even know.

What do you call her?
Lily, that’s her name. I name all my bikes. My old Schwinn is Leonard.

Is it tough to choose between Leonard and Lily?
Nah, she’s a lot lighter, a lot springier.

** BONUS! **
photo of the pink drive chain for the gearhead commentors


Posted by Sarah Mirk