Red alert from the city water bureau! Someone's been swiping the historic plaques adhered to the wells in Columbia South Shore Well Field. The recent disappearance of several plaques points to a coordinated, vicious effort by anti-history individuals, most likely The Youth.


And, as the bureau's alert says:

It's rather annoying that people feel inclined to steal them and then do so. We can only presume what they are doing with them. (I'm guessing they're not hanging them over their beds to look at every night...) But it's illegal and just rude.

So far, leads are slim. This situation is reminiscent of similarly dark times in the lengthy annals of Portland Public thievery. The Sacagawea head incident of aught eight and recent the life-size bronze lion heist being the most raw.

The Columbia South Shore Well fields were built back in 1984 after "floods, landslides and high turbidity underscored the vulnerability of a single unfiltered water source." Who knew the wells dug to protect citizens' water supply would some day need to be protected from that citizenry itself?

The Water Bureau Security staff is awaiting your calls 24/7: 503-823-6084

posted by Sarah Mirk