Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you ponder the case of the mysterious bones of Multnomah Falls.

See that Constantines photo up there? Now see that clown dressed in green who is just standing there bored, arms crossed, while the rest of the crowd is losing their shit ? I hate that guy soooo much right now. What kind of soulless monster could be bored in the presence of the mighty Constantines? Green shirt dude, you show up on Monday, I will turn your bones to dust.
The Constantines - I Will Not Sing A Hateful Song

You can keep your Salt and your Pepa, I'll take the one and only Spinderella any day.
Salt-n-Pepa - Push It

The Jet Age wrote a record about a man who "becomes so disillusioned with the state of America that he joins an underground movement and becomes a suicide bomber." Wow, it's like everything Fox News has ever warned us about, but in song form. I hope they write a song about Obama being a secret muslim.
The Jet Age - O, Calendar

Those troublemakers in Pure Country Gold chat about their love of vinyl and how chocolate records just don't cut it.
Pure Country Gold - The Boss

Plus, a look at the open-minded Sluts and Squares dance night, and a local music news roundup by Cary Clarke.

End Hits: All killer, no filler. Okay, just a wee dollop of filler.