Since BOTH the resident cat ladies are out of the office today (that would be Marjorie and Alison), it is up to me to carry the torch. This heartwarming video of Christian the Lion chronicles his reunion with the two dudes who raised him in London. It would be a heartless bastard indeed who didn't get a little choked up after watching this.

A little more info from Wikipedia:

Christian is the name of a lion bought from Harrods department store in 1969 by Australian John Rendall and his friend Ace Berg. So began Christian's year as an urban lion. Christian was given his own living quarters (and a very large kitty-litter tray, which he used unfailingly) in the basement of the appropriately named Sophistocat furniture shop. [Christian] was later rehabilitated into the wild by the 'Lion Man,' George Adamson. Rendall and Berg decided to travel to Kenya [where Christian was living in the wild], in the hope of being able to say good-bye, though Adamson warned them that it would almost certainly be a wasted mission as Christian had not been seen for nine months.

'Scuse me, I got a little something in my eye.

This blog post brought to you by the lovely Marjorie Skinner.