Note the subject line:

From: C.K. Holton
Subject: cesar chavez Ave.

I cannot, for the life of me see how you can condone ANYTHING these ILLEGAL ALIENS do while they are in this country ILLEGALLY. What has happened to OBEYING THE LAW??. The fact is these people are in this country ILLEGALLY has been swept under the rug. If they really want to come here, why don't they follow the laws of the country THEY ARE IN ILLEGALLY ?? What has happened to your mental facilities, or are you so damn liberal that the law only pertains to the people that work to pay the taxes these people are only too glad to soak up via all the social programs that were meant to help people that pay the bills.
I cannot believe you have ANY sympathy for these ILLEGAL ALIENS. Have you used so many chemicals that your reality has been totally skewed or what ??
You have to realize that if the ILLEGAL ALIENS have the luxury of picking and choosing which laws they will obey, then I as an American citizen can also pick and choose which laws I choose to ignore. WAKE UP GIRL-- if this continues all of us will soon be living in the UNITED STATES OF MEXICO. THEN YOU WILL REALIZE HOW IT FEELS TO BE A "SECOND CLASS PERSON". If you have so much sympathy for the ILLEGALS, I suggest you move to mexico and improve things so they will STAY HOME.
totally confused, C.K. Holton

Talk about totally confused. (But perhaps it's the "many chemicals"? They've apparently toyed with my "mental facilities.") I wrote back:

Your subject line is Cesar Chavez Ave--what does that have to do with people's immigration status? Chavez was born in Arizona.

We'll see if C.K. responds...