All together now, everybody say EEEEEEWWWWWW! If there is one corner of the closet that could benefit from some serious genius it is the men's summer footwear category. Unfortunately known as "Mandals", the department is, at the very least, treacherous. Now, some more fashion forward men may be up to something like this:

Prada, just for the sake of discussion

Now personally, I hate it, but I can muster some grudging respect for it. But what of the common man? Most self-respecting men I know opt for the ubiquitous flip flop, which is the most obvious way of achieving comfort while saving face, but if you are going anywhere more formal than a barbecue, trading up for fancy, say, leather flip flops is treading dangerously close to murky mandal territory. Speaking of backyard summer fêtes, I attended one yesterday afternoon where this very issue came up in discussion between two dudes, by which I mean guys who deliberately avoid anything resembling "fashion," pleading ignorance, etc: Flip flop-clad Greg was prodding Tom about his sneakers, and Tom was getting agitated over the fact that if there were "zombies" he wouldn't be able to run in flip flops, which is a priority when choosing footwear, but that if there was one thing he did know about fashion it was that men should not wear mandals. The only thing I can think of that might get Tom out of this sartorial k-hole is one of those sneaker/sandal hybrids, the only tolerable ones of which have closed toes anyway, but which would at least allow for speedier mobility, if not exactly graduate to even so much as business casual: 985-96037-d.jpg And god that is a hesitant recommendation.

So what the hell? With all the recycling and revisiting and re-doing of clothing and accessory design, why can't someone design a decent mens sandal? There must be a way. Any clues? What do you wear? (If you say Tevas I will have you killed.)