There's already a bit of discussion about Wall-E over on the film's review page, but if you saw it over the weekend, please weigh in. I'm asking you to do this for selfish reasons, actually, because I'm really curious to see how people are going to react to this film. (We know how critics are reacting, but frankly, that doesn't interest me much; I'm way more interested in hearing about what actual audience members think.)

Something else: For those who've already seen the film, director Andrew Stanton has done two pretty great interviews, one with The Onion's A.V. Club and one with Ain't It Cool News. I wouldn't advise reading those before you see the movie--this isn't a shared feeling, but the way I think of it, anything past the 45 minute-mark in this film counts as a pretty huge spoiler, and at least one of these interviews, the AICN one, delves into that stuff. But for those who've seen Wall-E, hearing the director talk about the process of making the film is pretty fascinating. It also cements my impression that Pixar has got to be pretty much the coolest place on the planet:

We looked long and hard at why Toy Story worked so well. We realized that one of the biggest reasons was that we were not in L.A., and that just with our guts, we could trick ourselves into thinking these movies were for ourselves. We're not trying to second-guess what the demographics are, or try to second-guess who our audience is. We're just going to make a movie we want to see. We feel like we go to the movies enough that we know what we want: Movies made by a singular vision. Made by a filmmaker who knew what he wanted. That's why I go to the movies--I go to see what those filmmakers want to make. I don't go to see what a studio wants. And so we've applied that ever since.

So yeah--if you saw Wall-E, weigh in here. Thanks to Drew for the A.V. Club interview link.