No, I'm not talking about cruising for sex in the cereal aisle. However, when you bend over to reach that box of Cheerios on the bottom shelf, General Mills is taking the opportunity to have their way with your wallet. You may not even know it, until you get that creepy "I've been used" feeling a few days later.

You see, when you're walking through your local grocery store, you may think that the fear of rising food costs is overblown. After all, the price for that jar of mayonnaise hasn't changed. Look closer. What has changed is the amount you are getting for the price.

So, that box of Cheerios looks the same size from the front, but it's a whole lot thinner than it was before. Products in the grocery store have been shrinking by 2-3oz per package.

The trend of companies giving consumers less for the same price will not likely end soon. But now, at least, when that post-shopping "used" feeling hits you, you know exactly where to place the blame.

Here's a report from NBC, just to bring the point home in all it's television newsy glory

This will not stand!