I finally got to meet Terri Lynn Link of the Tails of Abbygail fame and I am happy to report that she is very charming. I'm even happier to report that no one accused me of being a sexual offender from Pornland.


Terri Lynn and pals were very busy preparing their ginormous float for the Sandy Mountain Festival Parade.

The float was made to look like the set of the Abbygail movie, which came out last month---all decked out with dog houses, assorted follage, and toys made to look like characters from the film (I guess I should say films, since Terri Lynn is planning on making at least 12 more this year).




The camera really doesn't do Abby, the star of this whole ordeal, justice. She is much cuter in real life. My companion for the evening, Rebecca, pointed out that Abby is something of a method actor. Much like the character she plays on screen, she is inquisitive and adventurous. She spent much of the prep time jumping on the speakers and video screens and scampering around the float. Also the crew had a sense of humor about the whole thing. The guy who was driving the semi walked past me with a string of jumbo-sized balloons, smiled and said, "This is gay, isn't it?"

The rest of the parade was amazing. Man, I love stuff like this. There were too many spectacular things to list, but here are some examples: a group of geriatric square dancers doing their thing on a moving vehicle, some different old people being pulled around on carts by miniature horses, Mexican folk dancers, Shriners dressed in fezes, turbans and those hats that pharaohs used to wear, a Christian youth marimba band, and sooooo much candy! It was like kid heaven! Although, I have to question the message being sent to the children: Is it really okay for strangers to throw candy intended for the children in the middle of the street while there are large motorized vehicles around? Really?

Here are some Shriners on ATVs.

Various Nationalities on Horses


I love these guys because they tried to get me to photograph the hole in the crotch of their friend's pants.