City's New Idea: Green Buildings Get Greenbacks


Way to go Saltzman! This idea not only could help fight global warming it also could create lots of jobs in the architecture, design, engineering and contracting fields to build the new "green" features. Taking an approach like this could help cement Portland's leadership on sustainability. This idea is overdue. Let's hope the rest of the Council has the courage to step up.
seems like this might be illegal
according to the djc it is self-sustaining: "The fees paid by developers who do not meet high-performance standards would be paid out to those who do meet the standards". my reading of that is that the rebates received can be no larger then the fees paid, which is pretty standard for a feebate systema.
The problem with this whole plan is that there isn't a LEED rating system for every type of building so the City will have to create a standard of minimum green for building that don't fit into one of LEED's categories.

While LEED does a lot to mitigate the impacts of new construction, there are also a lot of other good ideas in low impact development that aren't recognized by the current criteria, so the City would have to come up with its own standard for those items as well.

Not that it couldn't be done, it just might be a lot of work to create a proper standard.
That type of projects are almost illegal because such projects are formed by those people who have a lot of money and they indirectly connect it with the government but after completion of green projects, government may sue against those buildings.