Terminator: Salvation--next summer's new Terminator film, the one that's supposed to kick off a whole new trilogy, and the one that stars Christian Bale and is directed by the ever-reliable Joseph McGinty Nichol--now has a teaser.

This thing was supposed to premiere this weekend in front of The Dark Knight (our review of that film will be posted later today), but it looks like they've decided to bust it out a bit early. The teaser's short and it's vague, but I really like the style of it: There's something pretty great about the way the teaser uses that familiar music, and it's really well cut, giving a solid impression of the tone without showing too much. (Or, really, anything at all.) For fuck's sake, considering it's a PG-13 Terminator directed by McG, it doesn't look nearly as terrible as it should.

The YouTube is posted below The studio has annoyingly yanked all the YouTube versions of the trailer, because they don't understand how people watch trailers these days, so instead you'll have to head over to head over to Yahoo! Movies to check it out.

startingupagainsoon. Shut up. Like I care what you think.