Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you get that sweet Paul Wall tattoo. Also, be sure to get a tattoo of Mike Jones' digits (281-330-8004) as well. You'll never regret that.

Ray Davies takes a victory lap through Portland as one of the finest songwriters ever. Hey David Watts, you lead the school team to victory, but what are you doing now? Oh? Still being gay and fancy free, I should have guessed.

Ray Davies - "Vietnam Cowboys"

Under the Lackthereof moniker, Menomena drummer Danny Seim makes one hell of a solo record and insists that his pug appears in every promotional photo. Rock stars and their crazy demands.

Lackthereof - "Ask Permission"

Drinking champagne from a paper cup with the bedroom bubbly pop of Dykeritz.

Dykeritz - "Look At My Hands, Look At My Knees"

Bow down to your new twee overload, Phil Wilson, formerly of the June Brides. No power corrupts like the power of twee. Beware.

June Brides - "In the Rain"

Local band Dirty Mittens get filthy by digging up some vintage pop music from way back when. They also love themselves a hardware store.

Dirty Mittens - "Time Forgiver"

Plus, we talk "microsounds" with local sound artist Doug Theriault. He makes his own musical equipment which, by my estimate, makes him the single smartest man on the planet.

End Hits: I once made (and played) a cardboard guitar for a school play. But that doesn't really count.