2 dead, 1 injured in Iraq: Not by enemy fire, but shoddy electrical fires caused by shoddy American private contractor work.

Steal, whore, sell first child: Driven crazy by a lust for oil, Americans will do anything for free gas. Meanwhile, public transit around the country is going Tri-Met's way and upping fares.

Segway Shooter Squad: Beijing releases Olympic games terror manual. These men and their legion of posh robots are the first line of defense.


Fresh Faces: A beauty contest in Rwanda redefines beauty 14 years after ethnically-driven genocide. It's interesting.

Cars, cars, and then more cars: Metro approves the six-lane option of the Columbia River Crossing freeway bridge.

Dollars, dollars and more dollars: Oregon Republican congressional candidate Mike Erickson's campaign is looking stronger, thanks to widespread support millionaire Lake Oswego friends