If you're looking for something fun to do this Sunday afternoon (July 20), GET A LOAD OF THIS! Head on down to Roscoe's (at 8105 SE Stark) at 4 pm for their monthly FLAMING DOLPHIN POOL TOURNAMENT. Here's how it works: You put your name into a bucket and every month two names are drawn. These two people play a best-of-three pool tournament... and whoever loses must get a "flaming dolphin" tattoo somewhere on their body!

And though the loser has to pay for his/her own tattoo, he or she gets to decide how their dolphin gets to "flame." The first month's loser chose a dolphin bedecked in rainbows, while last month's loser got a tattoo of a dolphin roller blading while wearing a fanny pack.

WHAT WILL THIS MONTH'S LOSER CHOOSE? Show up this Sunday at Roscoe's and find out, in what will certainly be a nail-biting experience! (And if you're brave enough, drop your name in the bucket for future bouts!)


Not exactly "flaming"... but you get the idea.