Comic-Con International hits San Diego next week, inundating the city with roughly 125,000 geeks. Originally, the convention was just about comic books--but it's since grown to become a major Hollywood event, too, with tons of presentations on upcoming genre films. This is all in addition to every single comic book professional and wannabe on the planet, a couple billion funnybooks, and videogame stuff. And also this, which I'm pretty damn sure will be an amazing thing to witness.

Oh, and there'll also be a bunch of stuff for nerds like myself to buy/get for free/possibly steal, like these retro-cool Star Trek posters, showing the first official looks of key characters from J.J. Abrams' 2009 movie. Kirk (Christopher Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Uhura (Zoe Saldana), and Some Bad Guy (Eric Bana) each get their own poster, and--as befits a convention where roughly 20 percent of attendees will be dressed up as Optimus Prime--obsessive-compulsive completists who assemble all four will end up with one big poster featuring the Star Trek insignia.


(The individual posters can be seen over at io9. Predictably, the Spock one is the coolest.)

No doubt thanks to Comic-Con's increasing popularity and profile, movie studios are now treating it as one of their biggest events of the year--flying in directors and actors for interviews, screening trailers and films, doing audience Q&As with creators and movie stars, etc. So expect to see a lot more stuff like the above (as well as news about upcoming projects like Terminator: Salvation, Watchmen, Battlestar, Dollhouse, Fringe, The Spirit, The Hobbit, and whatever else you can think of that's even vaguely related to comic books, film, and/or pop culture) hitting the web next week.