I ain't much of a beer drinker, but at both Saturday and Sunday's cookouts, a beer I've never seen, or at least never noticed, turned up: Oranjeboom, brewed in Holland (according to Wikipedia there's a UK version too), means "orange tree," and maybe it's the power of suggestion but I could swear there was a whisper of citrus in those crisp ice-cold first sips. There's not much competition (um, Tecate?), but I'm declaring Oranjeboom my new favorite beer, or at least the Official Beer of Summer 2008. It's light like a piss beer, but not as pissy, on par with something like Heineken, but without the farty under-taste, has an attractive/foreign label, and a six pack of tall boys at Trader Joe's goes for $5.99. Done, done, and done.


The one drawback: the nice man at Trader Joe's says that they didn't get in today's Oranjeboom shipment! Apparently it frequently goes out of stock. Next time I'm off to a BYO BBQ I'll elbow you for it.