The OLCC's going high tech: They launched a blog this week.

This has the potential to be a great blog, especially if the OLCC starts posting the nitty gritty allegations at troubled clubs (like the agency's notes on Greek Cusina).

For now, though, it's a little wonky, delving into OLCC policies like the prohibition on self-serve alcohol.

The perspectives on self-serve are derived from years of study into public safety and the positive effects of human interaction during alcohol purchases. Recently, a new product, the Enomatic Wine Preservation System has appeared in the Northwest. The machine provides a longer shelf-life and a measured pour, reducing waste and saving money. An extra feature is the Enomatic Wine Card, which allows a patron to purchase a pre-paid card then self-serve their wine at the machine.

Every Oregon business that serves alcohol is required by Oregon statute to have a person with a valid service permit sell, mix and dispense alcoholic beverages. As long as a valid service permit holder dispenses the wine, the Enomatic Wine Preservation System is legally compliant. Several machines are currently being used in Oregon, but they are behind the bar and are operated legally by servers with valid permits.

Might I suggest a weekly blog-column, OLCC? I want to know what the commissioners' favorite drinks are.