The only thing more prevalent this summer than film events are motorcycles. Between the dry weather and high gas prices, everyone seems to be trading their four-wheeled motorized rides for two. But practicalities aside, motorcycles are just plain hot. As was Marianne Faithfull before she broke up with Mick and decided to spend a couple of years living on a London wall and shooting heroin, among many other things. Evidence of her original dishiness is abundant in The Girl on a Motorcycle , which features Faithfull blazing around in a leather jumpsuit. Hot. Luckily the Sang-Froid Riding Club is in touch with this hotness, and they are hosting a screening of the film tomorrow at the Clinton St Theater (9 pm, $10), and features a pre-screening lecture on "the sensuality of the motorcycle experience."

Wrap your legs around a tornado of pounding pistons.