Tonight's second installment of Project Runway: Season 5 involves a "green" challenge, so Leanne Marshall should wipe the floor with her competitors, hailing from the Greenest City in the Country or whatever whoever is calling Portland now. Buuut, judging from the apparent frustration on her face in last week's preview of the new episode (I believe those were tears), I'm not so sure. Also, for whatever it's worth, wild speculation has put her as finishing "low" in this installment.

Whatever the case, The Tanker (4825 SE Hawthorne--it's a new place and the sign is on order, but it's right on the corner of 49th and Hawthorne) has stepped up with its mighty TV screens and DIRECTV to host a public viewing of the show. While most folks at home with cable wont be able to watch it until 9, the magical (and surprisingly confusing) powers of DIRECTV allow the Tanker to play the show at 6, 8, and 10 pm. For the sake of not being too late or too early, 8 pm will be the official Project Runway partay, but it's good to know the bar's willing to flex around your schedule, no? Also: they will be providing noisemakers for you to bleep at the designs you love or hate (you decide the etiquette here), and there will be special drink specials for the PR crowd: Mojitos and Blackberry Presses are $4! See you there!