Last night, I went out to Disjecta's new North Portland location (8371 N Interstate) to chat with Disjecta director Brian Suereth. Here's the bullet-points version of what I learned:

-Disjecta is located directly across the street from the Kenton/N Denver MAX stop, an easy 15 minutes from the Rose Quarter stop.

-They've signed a ten-year lease with a ten-year renewal option, but have no option to buy the building. Which is fine with Suereth, because rent is "fantastically cheap."

-The Acadia treatment center currently occupying part of the building will be out on August 1st--Suereth told me they're looking for a bar or restaurant tenant to fill that space and take advantage of the Interstate storefront.

-They're sitting on 35k in PDC grant money, which will be used for improvements to the space (a new storefront, a new electrical system, skylights)

-The building is divided into 5 artist studios, a 1600 sq foot performing arts rehearsal space, and a 3500 sq ft exhibition space.

Suereth also had a few choice words to say about the Mercury's softball team, but I think those may have been off the record.

A couple photos in which I demonstrate my general ineptitude with a camera, after the jump.

(Commenter dreww, on a disjecta post earlier this week, notes:

cardboard tank is gordon barnes and shelby davis

screen-printed wall is justin gorman:
his website has more/better pictures of the piece, it is rad.)