Granny Feng's tomcat is the coolest cat in the world--he has frickin' wings:


And while "scientists" have put forth the fantastical idea that the sudden wing growth (they sprouted up in only a month's time--with bones and everything!) is due to "genetic mutation," Granny Feng has her own theory, namely that it is the result of sexual harassment on the part of "many female cats in heat" that came to harass the poor guy. At any rate, turns out Cutaneous Asthenia has been around for quite some time. Peep this rather lengthy article if you are dying for a way to kill the last hour of your workweek. Also, there are a surprising number of people who post YouTube videos of their cats in heat, sometimes accompanied by commentary like, "Such a slut. Our little slut." And so forth. Personally, I think this one is the most straightforward, and features perhaps the most disturbing commentary ever:


PS: While the above video boasts over 20,000 views, videos of dogs humping cats routinely have 500,000 views or more. Just sayin'.