Rock Star: Obama gives his big speech in Berlin, complete with DJs, thousands of adoring fans and vagueness on political issues.

Iraq Scars: The U.S. will allow 5,000 Iraqis refugee visas to America, up from a measly 50 in 2006.

Bookish Banditas: Cuban women (and librarians) are the most vocal critics of their government - and they're paying for it with stabbings and assaults.

Rail Tale: Metro approves a light rail line to Milwaukie (and the bridge to carry it) despite Clackamas County "failing Citizen Involvement 101."

Sack Attack: Sam Adams pitches the idea of a plastic bag fee in grocery stores.

Nooo! Game maker Hasbro is cracking down on Scrabulous, a Scrabble game that makes the internet worthwhile.