Every week, the Mercury scours the city for the SEXIEST tricycle we can find, take photos of it, and then interview the rider. Today I caught 4-year-old Morgan Marie tooling around her driveway and asked her what makes for a sexy, sexy trike.

This Week: Nothing's Sexier than the Classics.

Rider: Morgan Marie Jeffries

Trike: Classic fire engine red Radio Flyer with chrome handles and a double deck in the rear.

Spotted at: Ladd's Addition


Yo, what's up? Hey, that is one sweet trike.
Thank you.

Where did you get it?

Awesome. Santa is really cool. What do you like most about riding a tricycle?

Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Do you ever...

Whoa... okay. Yeah, that's cool, too, I guess. So, that tricycle is a fixie, right?

I like Cinderella, I like Belle, I like Ariel, I like purple and pink.

Right. So, what's the sexiest thing about riding a tricycle?

Okay, thanks, gotta go. Cool trike.

(Have you seen a sexy trike? Email me!)