Someone claiming to be white supremacist leader Tom Metzger weighed in this morning in the comments on my piece in this week's best of 1988 issue, about the beating to death of Mulugeta Seraw. Here's what he had to say:

Here we go again! first of all Morris Dees is the cleverest of cons. He has built a large fortune conning the PCIDIOTS. he made 7 million alone off my civil trial. check his IRS records. Most honest liberals have him pegged but he is still at it. Seraws family got peanuts.

Fact:I didn't hire a lawyer because the few that would take my case demanded $100k up front. That was impossible to do.

Fact: It was not a Federal Trial and it was not a criminal trial. it was a Civil trial. If it had been criminal I would have beat it hands down.

Fact: David Mazella, Dees star witness was on a get even mission since he was given a beating in Southern California for being the cowardly liar he is .
Mazella was paid hundreds of dollars a month for his perjury. He was not reformed like he testified. He was recruiting for the American Klan at the same time he was lying about Tom and John Metzger.

Fact: Tom and John never went bankrupt. Never stopped publishing a newspaper or appearing on National TV.

Fact: Mazella in an amusing twist is a youth pastor at a small church not far from Medford. As an aledged Christian I wonder if he has ever confessed his sins against Tom and John Metzger?

I'm glad he read it, and I'm glad he commented. Although it does feel a little creepy, to be honest.