Of the many stellar acts at PDX Pop Now!, the one band that stood out the most was Blind Pilot. Their Saturday evening outdoors set triggered a jittery energy in the crowd, unlike anything else I experienced at the festival. It felt like we are all witnessing something extremely special.

But we were not alone.

Recently, the band has actually charted. Think about how unlikely that is: A small Portland band on a tiny local label, Blind Pilot's 3 Rounds and a Sound was perched at #149 on the Top 200, #22 on the Top Independent Albums chart, and at #13 on the Top Digital Albums charts. That is insane.

And now, with this gorgeous (from the hazy Pacific NW scenery, to the bent tips of singer Israel Nebeker's Chuck Taylors) video for "Go On, Say It" it's about time we just crown the band "the next big thing" in Portland (or anywhere for that matter).

End Hits: We're totally PDX-Popped right about now.