imageDB.jpegDespite a well-documented affinity for YA fiction (recently validated by the NYT Book Review), I'm not particularly interested in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. I recently read the first book, and thought it read like a PG-rated version of the fan fiction that I composed a 13-year-old girl might compose after reading Interview with the Vampire and realizing that she could probably only be sexually fulfilled in the alabaster arms of the undead. (Always with the alabaster.) But it's a big deal, the last book comes out on Friday, the movie is filming in Oregon, blah blah, so here's some news for the fans in the crowd:

At the Breaking Dawn release party that Powell's is throwing this Friday, the Red Cross' Blood Mobile will be on hand taking donations, and everyone who donates blood gets "advance placement" in the book line. There were originally 28 appointments available; as of twenty minutes ago, it's down to ten. Contact Mark at the Red Cross to snag one of the remaining appointments: 503-528-5608