MusicFest NW has announced the lineup for their super secret somewhat exclusive Nike daytime shows:

Thursday September 4th - No Age, Battles
Friday September 5th - Britt Daniel, Built to Spill (performing Perfect From Now On)
Saturday September 6th - Ratatat, Les Savy Fav

OMG! MFNW! LS SVY FV! NOAGE! RATATAT! All performances take place at the Wonder Ballroom (4:30pm doors, 5:30pm show), and to gain access, follow these instructions:

please pick up a free Nike Sportswear pass available at either Jackpot Records locations starting at 10 am on the day of each show or be admitted with a MFNW wristband. Admission to these shows will be based on a first come first serve basis.

Not to be outdone, the Mercury is teaming with British Knights for some totally badass concerts. In my basement. Okay, my mom's basement. Dymacel power!

End Hits: Once again, scooping WW on their own event.