ent037.jpg The formerly anonymous service-industry blogger behind Waiter Rant relinquished his long-guarded anonymity today in the New York Post: Here's the Waiter, AKA Steve Dublanica, fiendishly pouring Metamucil into a crock pot. Mwah ha. (I have to say, this is a terribly conceived photograph. A surfeit of fiber is the least of your concerns if a waiter has taken a dislike to you.)

I just got a copy of Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip - Confessions of a Cynical Waiter, which comes out today. Open it, and... "The customer at table 17 is taking forever to make up her mind. As I wait patiently I idly think that, if I had become a fireman, I'd never have a problem getting laid."

"Fussy eaters are an interesting evolutionary paradox. How did they manage to survive the primordial jungle and pass on their DNA? Didn't they just eat what was available or die?"

I'm looking forward to some spare time in which to read the book (though slightly concerned it will activate my latent nostalgia for the service industry, which I know is totally silly because waiting tables is hard and unglamorous and you have to cater to assholes all day. Right?). And meanwhile, the Waiter is guest-blogging on the Powell's blog all week.