Gentlemen, prepare to get excited: There's a new store that's on the cusp of opening that has been created just for you, and that store is Winn Perry (2505 SE 11th, Ste 102). Curated with the same level of artistry that is brought to the many female-targeted boutiques in town, Winn Perry is the work of Jordan Sayler , a newly minted college grad with a background in screenprinting, and a perusal of his Winn Perry blog (linked above) demonstrates great, gentlemanly taste as he records merchandise as it arrives for the store, which he estimates will be open the first or second week of August. A sampling:

Science & Sons Phonophone IIs (which "exploit the virtues of horn acoustics to boost the audio output of standard earphones to up to 55 decibles," not to mention look really cool:


Baxter of California grooming products:


Duncan Quinn accessories, such as glass cuff links:


and ties:


The store is also teaming up with Duchess, who will be conducting the customer service end of their custom tailoring business out of the store, and have also created the Viceroy Collection as an off-the-rack store exclusive. (Sayler is also in talks with Pinkham Millinery and Hazel Cox.)


The store promises to be a great addition to Portland's menswear options, classy but not uptight. Peep the blog for tons more on what's to come, from more beautiful ties (and suspeners and bowties) to apparel from Obedient Sons to traditionally made British shoes from Grenson to Italian Seize sur Vingt shirts.

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