Sam Adams has the power to save Peterson's convenience store, but he's not going to do it.

Commissioner Dan Saltzman, as you may be aware, is trying to save Peterson's convenience store from eviction. But it appears he's getting the cold shoulder from our "business friendly" mayor-elect, Sam Adams.


Commissioner Saltzman is understood to be considering filing a council resolution for next Wednesday, requiring the bureau of general services to place some specific requirements into a month to month lease with Peterson's.

But so far, Saltzman has had what aide Matt Grumm characterizes as a "very tepid to limited response" from his council colleagues. Randy Leonard and Tom Potter are not in council next week, Nick Fish is understood to be on Saltzman's wavelength, meanwhile commissioner Sam Adams appears to be content to miss this opportunity to help one of Portland's small businesses.

"I would not necessarilly characterize it that way," says a typically diplomatic Grumm. "There are a lot of important things going on in the city, but this doesn't appear to have risen to a high level of priority for Dan's council colleagues at this point."

In other words, Sam Adams hates small business. And he's content to let the issue slide. Right? I've got a call into his chief of staff, although most likely, there'll be no response. Because it's best to try to duck away from issues like this than be honest about what you think, right, Sam?