One simple word

Earlier this week, on the Monday Bloody Monday post, Blogtownies weighed in regarding their ultimate bloody mary.

Before I go further. I must first offer a "mea culpa." In the post, I thoughtlessly gave away the secret ingredient to my wife, Kitty's, bloody mary. She was none too pleased. But she should take heart. Several Blogtown readers were kind enough to give up their own secret ingredients. I've looked at these ingredients and have combined them to create the Ultimate Blogtown Bloody.

Ultimate Blogtown Bloody

3 oz Pepper Vodka
1 tsp Juice from Hot Pickled Peppers
1 tblsp sushi vinegar
4 dashes Worcestershire
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp Horseradish
V-8 Juice
pinch Lawry's seasoned salt
pinch Ground black pepper
I slice crispy bacon

Combine all ingredients except V-8, sushi vinegar and bacon in a shaker. Fill shaker with ice and top off with V-8 juice. Shake vigorously (not yourself, the shaker). Once chilled, strain into a pre-chilled, ice filled pint glass. Float sushi vinegar on top and garnish with crispy bacon slice, lemon wedge and hot pickled pepper. Enjoy.

This is one hot mama of a bloody mary, sure to revive you after a night of boozing. Be careful though... it may lead to renewed vigor and the possibility of an unearthly bender. If you have any tweaks to the recipe, let me know.

When you Blogtownies get together, you can sure come up with some great ideas. So, I'd like to remind you to enter the "Create the Oregon Bounty" cocktail contest, sponsored by Travel Oregon. The idea is to create a cocktail that exemplifies a particular region of Oregon. I'm quite interested in what a Portland Metro cocktail would look like. Dash of Willamette River water, anyone? What do you think?

I'll tell you what I think. You all are a group of creative, resourceful drunkards who could easily take this contest. Get to it!

Enjoy the weekend! And remember: It's not the bloody mary, it's the journey to it.