Mayor-elect Sam Adams has joined commissioners Dan Saltzman and Nick Fish in supporting a last chance deal that will allow convenience store owner Doug Peterson to stay open in the city-owned parking garage on SW 10th and Morrison. And who cares if the publicity-hungry city commissioners gave the story to Anna Griffin at the Oregonian? Because this scalp was categorically mine.

Peterson was supposed to be out by August 15th, following objections by downtown cops and, of course, the Portland Business Alliance. The PBA's vice president of downtown services, Arthur Frobisher Mike Kuykendall, is most likely going to be having a great time with the latest news. Have a good weekend, Mike. At least, try to calm down for Monday, when your morally abhorrent sit/lie law is going to take a beating at the First Presbyterian church, 3pm.

Saltzman's new deal for Peterson reportedly includes adding 24-hour security, posting rules of conduct for customers, and meeting monthly with police and city administrators. But in truth, it's a victory for common sense and decency over hidden agendas driven, in my opinion, by greed.

Well done, Doug. I'll be sure to pop in for some smokes soon.