No, this isn't a depressed imprisoned owl. It's a contestant from the Pacific Rim Cat Fanciers All Breed Cat Show , which I had the pleasure of attending at the Expo Center last Saturday.

I'd never been to a cat show before so I found the whole thing fascinating. I now have a better idea of what a cat should look like and I feel like Ninja and Lily, the cats that currently live at my house, need to be upgraded to like a Japanese Bobtail or a Turkish Angora or something. Could Ninja and Lily ever live up to such scrutiny? Probably not.


My favorite was an orange short haired Persian named Ruby Slippers. She was such a spaz, running around her cage in a circular pattern, like a cute orange fuzzy whirlpool. (Maybe I liked her because I am too a spazzy short-haired Persian). Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of her, but this was her trailer for when she wasn't being judged.


Here is another amazing cage. I draw your attention to the plate of raw meat left of the stuffed flamingo.

This is where all the poop went. Ewww.

A few of us noticed that a significant portion of kitties were sleeping or lying in their litter boxes. I wonder what that was about. We also saw a bottle of Summer's Eve at one of the many elaborate cat grooming areas. So many mysteries. My only real complaint about the Pacific Rim Cat Fanciers All Breed Cat Show is that we couldn't find any Scottish Folds or at least none with those cute floppy ears.