How was your weekend? Mine was good, I guess, except that this website was brought to my attention.

It's the website for a film called Orgasmic Birth, a documentary (propaganda-mentary?) that shows women how to achieve orgasm while giving birth to a baby. I mean, the g-spot is right there, people.

Watch the preview if you dare. I guess this is NSFW.

Ew ew ew ew ew ew!!!!

The number of questions this raises in my mind is staggering. And I could use some enlightenment, surely. I am male, I have never given birth, and the very idea of busting nut while my child emerges into the world just seems wholly wrong. Is this a sexist attitude? Is it possible for a birthing mother to achieve a non-sexual orgasm? Is there such a thing for women as a non-sexual orgasm? (I do know that in the case of men, the answer is no how, no way.)

Sorry to ruin the start of your week, but I could really use some help with this one.